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Ritesh Warke On Monday, April 25, 2011
State run oil firms are expected to raise prices of petrol shortly, possibly after May 10 after when the All state polls end.

An indication of price revision came on 25th April from Ranbir Butola Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation which controls 55% of the market when he mentioned "we would do it (increase rate) at earliest possible date",he said.
This is due to crude hovering around $100 per barrel since middle-east crisis. Revision date most probably be May 15th.

IOC's current revenue loss on diesel sales is Rs. 18/ltr, kerosene Rs. 28.33 and on cooking gas Rs. 316 per 14.2 kg cylinder.

IOC and its sister oil marketerers had last raised petrol prices by some Rs. 2.50/ltr in January'11, the 6th increase affected since the fuel pricing was deregulated in June last year.

Aam admi/Mango ppl. will be hurt by Approx. estimate; Petrol in Mumbai is all set for Rs. 68/ltr and Delhi Rs. 61/ltr.

Open making fool of people, VOTE US n WE MAKE LIVING MORE HELL. yeh voting hum sab ko bhaari phad jaati hai!
Source:CNBC/Profit for Frendz


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