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Ritesh Warke On Monday, April 25, 2011

Even without load, you can connect to the SmartBro 3G network. When you try to surf the web, you'll find yourself redirected to http://m.smart.com.ph/wapnobalance/index.php

SmartBro use the Harmony transparent proxy which drops any connections you make if you don't have load. However, this blocking functionality isn't applied to connections on the internal network (other SmartBro users). If you have a friend with a SmartBro connection then you simply need to ask them to run a SOCKS5 proxy on their machine and tell you their IP address. Adjust your browsers proxy settings to use the SOCKS5 proxy that your friend is running.


Pros and cons

  • It allows you to surf without any load.
  • It's relatively easy to setup since there are many free SOCKS5 proxy servers available for download.

  • You need a friend who is connected to the SmartBro service.
  • All of your traffic will be routed through your friends computer and most proxy servers will show incoming requests. This means that your friend will be able to see what sites your browsing and potentially your usernames and passwords. You can help combat this by using HTTPS instead of HTTP; but be aware that some proxies are capable of man in the middle attacks which allows HTTPS traffic to also be sniffed.
  • You and your friend share the same bandwidth. If one of you gets greedy and constantly downloads large files at high speed then the other will find the connection to be very slow.


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