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Who Uses Mobile Phone Tracking Software?

If you're looking for an effective way to keep an eye on your employees or your family members, mobile phone tracking comes highly recommended. Thanks to the developments in mobile technology over the past 10 years, it is now possible to run your entire life from your phone, from wherever you are in the world! Tracking the phone with the use of GPS is just one way in which this technology has improved. Who uses mobile phone tracking? 

Businesses that have travelling sales staff and organisations that run a fleet tend to use this software so they can keep tabs on their employees at any time of the day. Many individuals use tracking software on mobile devices to track loved ones including young children or elderly family members. It is also advisable for those that enjoy outdoor pursuits so they can easily be tracked if there happens to be an emergency.

Major Advantages

Mobile trackers benefit all types of people and are useful within a number of industries too.
Below are some of the major advantages:

For Emergencies

A mobile's GPS receiver can determine an individual's location quickly in emergencies. It will also help to locate the nearest police, fire department or ambulance service so they can be sent to reach the incident as soon as possible

Child and Elderly Safety

Mobile phone tracking allows you to keep in touch with your children and know their whereabouts at all times. This will of course reveal whether or not your child/teenager has been dishonest about their activities! If you have an elderly family relative, you can also choose to monitor their whereabouts using mobile trackers. This may give them an added sense of reassurance knowing that they can be contacted at the press of a button.

Effective Business Management

A large business may issue their employees with a phone and so they can check that their workers are doing exactly what they should be doing, where they should be doing it, tracking software may be required. Lone workers also benefit from mobile phone tracking. If an individual works outside normal hours or has to work in the community, this is a solution that will allow the business to keep an eye on the individual and ensure they are where they are supposed to be, and it also allows the worker to rest in the knowledge that they can be tracked if a problem arises.

Theft and Loss Retrieval

If you lose your mobile phone or it gets stolen, tracking software like this allows you to find out exactly where it is. You can then decide to locate it and get it back, or inform your service provider so it can be cancelled.
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We always think, what after iOS, Symbian, Android and windows mobile???.... Its Windows XP! Yes you heard it right... Finally we have a device running windows XP. This Smartphone is also dubbed as xpPhone.


xpPhone is built by a Chinese Company called ITG, which can run a full featured windows XP. It can run Windows XP, Windows 7 and may be even forthcoming Windows 8. Now we all know, the world gets messier very fast in this extreme Techie Era.

Symbian, Google, Apple, are trying their level best to release OS which act similar to desktop PC's. Electronic component companies also trying best to design and produce high end component parts for devices that can run these OS's smoothly.

In this endless cycle, ITG's xpPhone, breaks out of the circle by letting you use desktop OS on this small device on the go. The xpPhone features a large 4.8" touch screen with a resolution of 800x480. It has a full QWERTY keyboard, with a dazzling array of features, such as dual SSD and standard HDD, VGA output at full HD resolutions (1920 x 1080), USB port for connecting peripherals, 3G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Camera and much more!


While the device is running windows xp, it comes with one good feature to optimize its usage on mobile, it can wake up from stand by mode on receiving a message or a call. It can even restore the factory system image at every restart, so that the system remains fresh and fast, which can prevent it from slowing down.


Of Course, you can design a car using Auto Cad, design your website using Dreamweaver or listen to music, watch movies, etc. This device can handle almost everything that a desktop PC handles, from running windows XP to taking out print outs. Which also mean you can connect your projector, install it, and start giving out your presentations, ITS THAT SIMPLE. After all its a small device weighing around 400 gms, so expecting each and everything from it, can be little harder to digest!!!

Talking about the battery life, its can give backup from 5 hrs of talk-time to 5 days of stand-by time. And finally coming to the price, it can cost less than a notebook costs. It can cost around 400$ to 650$.

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If you watch TV or browse through internet frequently then you may have definitely came across an online classified site OLX.in which is one of the best market place for purchasing and selling almost everything online without any hidden charges.
OLX is a gem place where you can find any new as well as old thing at really cheap prices. These days OLX TV campaign is flashing on almost all of the channels on Television by means of some very funny advertisements.

It was first initiated in 2006 in Argentina and now it is one of the largest market place for classified advertisements all over the globe. OlX has a presence over 96 countries, six continents and in 40 different languages.  Later on, in 2011 OLX launched their TV campaigns to attract traffic and create brand awareness. The name of ad campaign is “Where Buyers Meet Sellers” which uses some really funny and short advertisements to attract customers.

OLX is a largest place for free online classifieds  which provides a very simple, reliable and fastest way to buy and sell new as well as old things by placing an advertisement on their website.

Why OLX is a best of breed market place to buy and sell goods

·        OLX provides you a user friendly interface that allows you to create and design rich colorful advertisements using pictures and videos.
·        It gives you full control over your buying, selling and community activity on My OLX page.
·        OLX website is mobile friendly, thus you can easily access it from your mobile and can keep your eyes on your campaigns.
·        It allows you to flash your OLX ads on your social networking profiles such as facebook and twitter.
·        OLX is available in more than 40 languages.
·        Its 100% free, you don’t have to pay any hidden charges to advertise your products on OLX website.
·        It allows you to search what you are looking for efficiently through various categories.
·        You can sell and buy almost anything, whether it is new or old.

OLX TV campaigns have really given a boost to the popularity of this program in India. OLX is now going to start their TV campaigns in other countries as well.
Here is one of my favorite TV commercial, have a look.

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Samsung has recently released the new Galaxy Note 2 in numerous countries, while many others are barely waiting for the official presentations too. The gadget is definitely an improvement compared to the previous model. The first Galaxy Note has erased the limits between tablets and smartphones. In other words, it was too big to be a smartphone, but too small to be a tablet. For instance, Dell tried to get on this market too with Dell Streak, but it failed. Due to the S Pen stylus, Galaxy Note was a successful gadget.

Galaxy Note 2 works with Android – Jelly Bean 4.1. It has 5.5 inch wide HD Super AMOLED display screen and an optimized version of S Pen. The processor has also been improved, from 1.4GHz dual core to 1.6GHz dual core. Although this gadget is relatively new, it aims to be at least as successful as the previous version. Samsung tries to enrich each user's experience and Galaxy Note 2 represents one of the most successful results from this point of view. According to the management, this product is part of a long and comprehensive process that tries to provide new and intelligent solutions to any lifestyle.


Galaxy Note 2 is almost as lightweight as its predecessor, but it is thinner and longer. Therefore, it is easier to hold and deal with it. However, it is still pretty large, especially if your hands are not too impressive. The back is shiny and slippery, which is a disadvantage when you keep it on a table. Galaxy Note 1 had a textured back that didn't allow the gadget to slip. But then, you will not look like a freak when you hold it to your ear to talk. In other words, it may be taken for a larger version of Galaxy S3.


Aside from the resolution, the new screen beats the previous one from all points of view. If Galaxy Note 1 could brag with 5.3 inches, the new device has a 5.5 inch wide HD Super AMOLED screen. Each pixel is targeted by the blue, green and red trio, therefore, the density is also improved. As for the brightness, it is shinier than Galaxy Note 1 and excellent to be used outdoors in direct sunlight. The visibility is also improved. The AMOLED screens are known for displaying a blueish nuance for the white colors in direct sunlight. This problem is almost completely gone now.


The operating system definitely puts Galaxy Note 2 above Galaxy Note 1. There are a series of other features that can suggest the differences between these gadgets, such as the voice recognition, streaming capabilities and many others. The Internet and connectivity opportunities also come at the highest standards. They are more fluid and way faster. However, the browser doesn't support Adopt Flash, which is a serious disadvantage compared to Galaxy Note 1.


The new product has a more powerful processor than its predecessor. The new 1.6GHz quad core Exynos is not just more powerful, but also more effective. In other words, it can do the same things the previous processor could do, but with a lot less power consumption. The 16GB internal memory is higher, as well as the RAM memory. Galaxy Note 2 has two times more RAM memory that Galaxy Note 1.


Guest post by : Steve

Steve is a hi-tech enthusiast and enjoys to always maintain up-to-date to the best and newest by simply following information sites like this one. In his extra time he likes to write content for them too. He also maintains a 3d computer visualizations website attributable to his expertise in that field.
 You might like to check out his architectural renderings blog to watch several impressive top quality architecture imagery and find focused information about their usages for the construction world.

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        Search engines are the major media to get your online business exposed to targeted visitors. That is why the Search Engine Optimization is important. To help peoples to find your website you have to make sure that your site is highlighting at the top places in search engines for their search queries. 

        To make it happen you will need to implement the SEO tips discussed bellow on your websites to optimize them for search engines.

1. Understanding SEO:

When it comes to SEO, basically you should have two goals in your mind. First one should be search engines should be able to crawl and categorize your website properly. This means search engines must understand the main idea behind your website. For example, if you sell mobile case covers from your website, then your website should fall under mobiles, mobile accessories or any similar topic areas. Your second goal should be to get high ranking in search engine result pages to get maximum exposure in search engines for your website. If your website doesn’t rank high enough in SERP's then people may not be able to find your website.

2. Proper Keyword Research:

Targeted keywords are the search engine queries that peoples will use to search your site from search engines. You need to do a keyword research to find out the targeted keywords having low competition and medium monthly searches. There are plenty of tools available online and offline to do a proper keyword research.

3. Content is king: 

Content is a highly important factor that is considered by search engines while ranking websites. You have to make sure that the content that you are using is original and optimized to your keywords. However keyword stuffing is not advised at all. You should not exceed keyword density beyond 1-2%. 

4. Keep Watch on Search Engine Algorithms Changes:

Search engines often change their criteria that they use to rank websites. People also change the keywords that they use. It is very important to watch out for changes rolled out by search engines regarding their ranking algorithms. This will help you to adapt your sites to the new changes and will ensure your rankings in SERP's. SEO is an ongoing process and needs to be updated constantly. It's your duty to make sure that your SEO work is perfect, fresh and is properly working for you.

5. Hire a Professional to get proper assistance:

SEO is not something that is straight forward. It doesn't have any fixed rules. One can only understand the art of SEO through personal experience. Thus it is better to hire a professional to help you in your SEO work.

These five SEO tips are very basic but very important thus you should know and understand them to get succeed in online business. So what are you waiting for? Create a website and empower it by applying the basic SEO tips to it.

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Hello readers! I’m Ritesh and thanks for stopping by, if you are looking for a blog post review of the Remote Desktop Support Software then your search ends here….

Techinline have brought an outstanding remote support tool  that enables instant, fully secure, and flawless connections between remote computers and allows Remote Access all over the web and to any point on the globe. It is Powered by innovative Techinline Remote Desktop technology.
This software is not only targeted towards large bussiness entities, but also suitable for individual PC users.

Techinline supports desktop sharing and file transfer protocol with any firewall and proxy servers. Techinline Remote Desktop is very handy, gives a great user experience and has a browser based remote connection tool. With Techline remote desktop software, your support team can quickly view, diagnose, and fix remote desktops without pre-installing any software. I must say it's the best  tool if you are running a support service and need to access client desktops regularly for troubleshooting.

Why Techinline is the best software from others in the niche:

Techinline Remote Desktop has served first rank from the others in the niche due to its awesome handy features, are as
  •  Very easy to connect and use.
  •  It is transparent to any fairwall and proxy servers, So no one can stop you.
  • Allows to control any desktop remotely anywhere in the world.
  • Allows to Transfer files/clipboard between the remote and local computers.
  • Allows to Reboot and reconnect the remote computer.
  • Allow easy Sending and receiving text chat messages.
  • Provides multimonitor support.
You can get  fully-featured 15-day trial of the latest version of the Techinline service absolutely free.

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Idea Huwai e1732 Unlock Solution (Only For MODELS RELEASED TILL NOV 2011) 

Here is Trick.

1.) First Download the E1732 - Downgrade f.w( to downgrade your Modem locked firmware. 
2.) Download CDMA-Workshop (i have not include this search 4m :-)) I have also included a Video for exact Steps to be done.Just follow it i have tested the same on 5 modems and works PERFECTLY :-) 

NOTE : So no useless comments but i also want to say this that new users with less technical knowledge dont TRY this....


========================================================================    CREDITS TO MEHUL KUMAR - (Real Inventor of this Solution) Also JustLife for sharing ========================================================================
Firmware Link
Huawei India DashboardUpdated Drivers. India Dashboard 2012

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Earlier I have explained,  
Now I am going to explain you how to show adsense ads only on blog homepage or on blog post page.
Just follow the instructions,

Go to Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML > Expand Widget Templates.

Recommended post What is google ranking.
To show ads on homepage only,

If you want to add your ads after post title but only show in homepage

&lt;div class='post-header-line-1'/&gt; <br>
&lt;div class='post-body entry-content'&gt; <br>
&lt;b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &amp;quot;item&amp;quot;'&gt;<br>
<b><span style="color: red;">
&lt;/b:if&gt; <br>
&lt;div style='clear: both;'/&gt; <br>
&lt;!– clear for photos floats –&gt; &lt;/div&gt;

To show ads on blog posts only, modify your code like this,

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>


 If you have any doubts,Feel free to ask here......
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