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Ritesh Warke On Monday, October 15, 2012
Samsung has recently released the new Galaxy Note 2 in numerous countries, while many others are barely waiting for the official presentations too. The gadget is definitely an improvement compared to the previous model. The first Galaxy Note has erased the limits between tablets and smartphones. In other words, it was too big to be a smartphone, but too small to be a tablet. For instance, Dell tried to get on this market too with Dell Streak, but it failed. Due to the S Pen stylus, Galaxy Note was a successful gadget.

Galaxy Note 2 works with Android – Jelly Bean 4.1. It has 5.5 inch wide HD Super AMOLED display screen and an optimized version of S Pen. The processor has also been improved, from 1.4GHz dual core to 1.6GHz dual core. Although this gadget is relatively new, it aims to be at least as successful as the previous version. Samsung tries to enrich each user's experience and Galaxy Note 2 represents one of the most successful results from this point of view. According to the management, this product is part of a long and comprehensive process that tries to provide new and intelligent solutions to any lifestyle.


Galaxy Note 2 is almost as lightweight as its predecessor, but it is thinner and longer. Therefore, it is easier to hold and deal with it. However, it is still pretty large, especially if your hands are not too impressive. The back is shiny and slippery, which is a disadvantage when you keep it on a table. Galaxy Note 1 had a textured back that didn't allow the gadget to slip. But then, you will not look like a freak when you hold it to your ear to talk. In other words, it may be taken for a larger version of Galaxy S3.


Aside from the resolution, the new screen beats the previous one from all points of view. If Galaxy Note 1 could brag with 5.3 inches, the new device has a 5.5 inch wide HD Super AMOLED screen. Each pixel is targeted by the blue, green and red trio, therefore, the density is also improved. As for the brightness, it is shinier than Galaxy Note 1 and excellent to be used outdoors in direct sunlight. The visibility is also improved. The AMOLED screens are known for displaying a blueish nuance for the white colors in direct sunlight. This problem is almost completely gone now.


The operating system definitely puts Galaxy Note 2 above Galaxy Note 1. There are a series of other features that can suggest the differences between these gadgets, such as the voice recognition, streaming capabilities and many others. The Internet and connectivity opportunities also come at the highest standards. They are more fluid and way faster. However, the browser doesn't support Adopt Flash, which is a serious disadvantage compared to Galaxy Note 1.


The new product has a more powerful processor than its predecessor. The new 1.6GHz quad core Exynos is not just more powerful, but also more effective. In other words, it can do the same things the previous processor could do, but with a lot less power consumption. The 16GB internal memory is higher, as well as the RAM memory. Galaxy Note 2 has two times more RAM memory that Galaxy Note 1.


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