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Ritesh Warke On Sunday, January 23, 2011
[opera mini handler mod.png] 
Hi, Friends this post for providing you the Download links for Latest Browser and other useful Handler Mod. Here the handler mod of new UC, Opera Mini, Bolt Final version many other useful apps like gmail, ebuddy, rockettalk etc. Plz visit regularly for updated. 
Handler UI mod helps you to browse for free or gain extra speed or better browsing experience with enable you to use custom proxy server and tricks for free internet browsing. 
It also benefit that your connection works fast, you can choose any server that helps in reducing traffic on servers. Your site opening also improves. And the proxy server provided by service provider cannot be changed directly from phone so thats why we use proxy mod apps. 

How to Use of Queries In Handler UI Mod Editable Server: 
In field Custom HTTP Server : put any customizable proxy server (example: http://wapx.amob.com) with main server of app (example: server4.operamini.com:80/). In this block to use it as proxy http server (example: http://wapx.amob.com.server4.operamini.com/) in any app,
In field Front Query : It mostly used for adding downloading server or downloading trick (exp: wapx.amob.com@) but works only with some service providers,
In field Middle & Back Query : These are mostly useless for us so just leave it blank. 
In field Remove String From URL/Remove Port From URL : Leave it blank for default.
In field HOST : You can provide host address or any server here to have a host server. 

For example you can try following in Opera Mini 4.2 handler mod:

1. For fast speed: HTTP Server: http://mini5beta.opera-mini.net:80/ ; Front Query(only if its working for you otherwise leave it blank): wapx.amob.com@ ; Host: ; Leave other fields blank.
2. HTTP Server: http://wapx.amob.com.server4.operamini.com:80/ ; Front Query(only if its working for you otherwise leave it blank): wapx.amob.com@ ; Host: ; Leave other fields blank.

You can also use this indiatimes server for free browsing: http://wap.indiatimes.com/usearch/http://mini5beta.opera-mini.net:80/ or add another in place of http://mini5beta.opera-mini.net:80/ 

Download Download Latest Browser bellow

Free Download Link for Handler UI Mod Version:
* UC7.2 Final Handler UI Mod:  UC7.2 Final HandlerUI150.jar (new)
* OperaMini5HandlerUI150 antijoystick:  opmin50hui150_antijoystick.jar (new)
* Bolt 2.10 HandlerUIRev1 antijoystickBolt2.10 HandlerUI150Rev1.jar (new)
* Bolt 2.10 Handler UI Mod:  Bolt2.10 HandlerUI150.jar 
* Bolt 2.10 Lite Handler UI Mod:  Bolt2.10Lite HandlerUI.jar (new)

* OperaMini5.0.19693 Handler UI Mod:  OperaMini5.0.19693 Handler.jar (new) 

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* UC7.2 Beta Handler UI Mod:  UC7.2 Beta HandlerUI.jar 

* Ucweb 7.1 Handler UI Mod India:  Ucweb 7.1 Final Handler Mod.jar 
* Ucweb 7.1 Handler UI Mod Indonesia:  Ucweb 7.1 Final Handler Mod.jar 
* Ucweb 7.1 Handler UI Mod US:  Ucweb 7.1 Final Handler Mod.jar 
* Ucweb 7- English Handler UI:  Ucweb 7 Final Handler Mod.jar    
* Ucweb 7- Final Handler UI Mod:  Ucweb 7 Final Handler Mod.jar   
* Ucweb 7.1 Handler UI Mod Ch Server:  Ucweb 7.1 Final Handler Mod.jar  
* Ucweb 6.7 Handler UI Mod:  Ucweb 6.7 Handler Mod.jar  
* Ucweb 6.3 Handler UI Mod:  Ucweb 6.3 Handler Mod.jar 
* Ucweb 5.1 Handler UI Mod:  Ucweb 5.1 Handler Mod.jar 

* Bolt 2.02 Beta Handler UI Mod:  Bolt2.02 HandlerUI143.jar 
* Bolt 2.02 Beta Lite Handler UI Mod:  Bolt2.02Lite HandlerUI143.jar 
* Bolt 2.0 Beta Handler UI Mod:  Bolt2.0 HandlerUI143.jar 
* Bolt 1.7 Handler UI Mod:  Bolt 1.7 Handler Mod.jar 
* Bolt 1.7 Lite Handler UI Mod:  Bolt 1.7 Lite Handler Mod.jar 

* Bolt 1.62 Handler UI Mod:  Bolt 1.62 Handler Mod.jar  * Bolt 1.6 Handler UI Mod:  Bolt 1.6 Handler Mod.jar 
* Bolt 1.5 Handler UI Mod:  Bolt 1.5 Final Handler Mod.jar   

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* Opera Mini 5 Final Handler UI Mod:  OperaMini5 Final Handler142.jar 
* Opera Mini 4.2 Lab Rev3 HandlerUI:  Opmin 4.2 Labs Handler Mod.jar 
* Opera Mini 4.2 Lab HandlerUI Mod:  Opmin 4.2 Labs Handler Mod.jar 
* Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 HandlerUI Mod:  Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 Handler.jar 
* Opera Mini 5 Beta 1 Handler UI Mod:  Opera Mini 5 Beta Handler.jar 
* Opera Mini 4.2 Handler UI Mod:  Opera Mini 4.2 Handler Mod.jar 

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* RockeTalk 5.3.2 Handler UI Mod:  RockeTalk532HandlerUI132.jar (new) 
* Solve My Math 1.0 Handler UI Mod:  SolveMyMath10Handler.jar (new)
* Snaptu1.30 Handler UI Mod:  Snaptu 1.30 Handler.jar (new)  
* Nimbuzz1.70 Handler UI Mod:  Nimbuzz170 HandlerUIMod.jar (new)

* Baidu Browser 1.09 Handler UI Mod: Baidu 1.09 HandlerUI142.jar (new)
* DM Mobile 0.2.2 Handler UI Mod:  DM Mobile 0.2.2 Handlerui142.jar (new) 
* Mobile File Loader121 Handler UI Mod:  MFL0121HandlerUI142.zip  
* Google Maps 2.3.2 Handler UI Mod:  Google Maps2.3.2 Handler.jar 

* GTranslateTool 141Handler UI Mod: GTranslate v141 Handler142.jar 
* Mozat 5.2.1 Handler UI Mod: Mozat521HandlerUI142.jar 

* Morange 5.13 Handler UI Mod:  Morange 5.13 Handler Mod.jar 
* Gmail 2.0.6 Handler UI Mod:  Gmail 2.0.6 HandlerUI142.jar 

* Snaptu1.28 Handler UI Mod:  Snaptu1.28 Handler Mod.jar  
* Snaptu1.26 Handler UI Mod:  Snaptu1.26 Handler Mod.jar 
* Mig33 v4.20 Handler UI Mod:  Mig33 v4.20 Handler Mod.jar 
* Ebuddy1.50 Handler UI Mod:  Ebuddy150bHandlerUI141.jar 

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* YourTube1.03 Handler UI Mod:  YourTube103handlerui150.jar (new) 
* Shmessenger 3.1.9 Beta Handler UI Mod:  Shm319bHandlerUI142.zip 
* Shmessenger 3.1.10 Beta Handler UI Mod:  Shm3110bHandlerUI143.zip 
* Skype1.21 Handler UI Mod:  Skype1.21 Handler Mod.jar 
* Twittai 1.3 Handler UI Mod:  Twittai 1.3 Handler Mod.jar


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