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Ritesh Warke On Sunday, January 23, 2011
Java Applications:

Latest Handler Mod: (click here for all latest handler mod)
1. Bolt 1.6 Version with Handler Mod.jar  
2. Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 Handler Mod.jar 
3. UC7 Final Handler Mod.jar 

Latest Browser Mod for Free Browsing:
1. OperaMini Mod 3.12 Free_ Reliance.jar 
2. Opera Mini 4.2 Airtellive.jar

3.  Opera Mini 5 Beta-airtel.jar 
4. UCweb 6.1 FreeLive.jar 

******************Ucweb Browser**********************

Ucweb 7.1 English Translated Version:  This is the latest UC 7.1 version english translated by me. Full Details Here.
UC7.1.0.42.jar (347 KB) (Click Here for More Details and Versions) 

Ucweb 7 Official English Version Mobile Internet Browser :  This is the latest version of  UC or Ucweb browser with new advanced features. Now its support desktop mode in java version, flash support, new page layout for superior webpage quality and lots more features. 
UC Browser 7.0 UA Fixed.jar 317 KB
UC Browser 7.0.jad 
UC Browser 7.0.jar 317 KB 

UC Browser 7.0 (Symbian S60 v1)
UC Browser 7.0 (Symbian S60 v2)
UC Browser 7.0 (Symbian S60 v3) 
UC Browser 7.0 (Symbian S60 v5) 

Russian version UC Browser 7.0 Here: UC Browser 7.0 

Ucweb 6.5 Beta Mobile Internet Browser : 
Download Here:
1. Ucweb 6.5 Beta.jar
2. Ucweb 6.5 Beta with MyZone.jar

3. Ucweb 6.5 Beta Hindi.jar (यूसीवेब 6.5 बीटा हिन्दी में)
Ucweb 6.3 Mobile Internet Browser : 
Download Here:
1. Ucweb 6.3 Final

2. Ucweb 6.3 for low memory phones
3. Ucweb 6 for ultra low memory phones
Ucweb 6.3 Mod Browser : Ucweb 6.3 Mod

******************Opera Mini**********************

Opera Mini 5 Beta :
All new enhanced look and features. Download Here: 
Opera Mini 5.jar
  221 KB
Opera Mini5.jad  
Opera Mini 5 Beta 2.jad

Opera Mini 5 Beta 2.jar 241 KB

Opera Mini 4.2 : Its another good well known mobile net browser. Its gives you ability to view any site as it looks in PC. 
Download Here: 

Opera Mini 4.2 125 KB
Opera Mini 4.2 Labs Edition 139 KB (support of key 5,2,8 for easy navigation. Also key 0 for highlight all links in a page.)

Opera Mini Mod 3.12 Final: This gives you all features that you never hope in a mobile net browser. It has advanced file manager with supports of view images, video and play audio, edit text files, save pages to offline view, large history, import-export all settings and shortcuts to later use. 
More details Here.
Download Here:  

Opera Mini Mod 3.12 Final.jar (291 KB)
Old Opera Mini Mod 3.12: 
Opera Mini Mod 3.12 Test 22.jar (289 KB)
Opera Mini Mod 3.12 Test 21.jar (287 KB) 
Color Themes for OperaMiniMod .
******************Bolt Browser**********************

Bolt 1.7 Final : This latest version of bolt 1.7 final with new features like New Support for Widgets, Download manager, 15% fast than before, can play youtube videos of any length, copy - paste function and lots more. More details Here.
Download Link Here: 
Bolt Browser 1.7.jar (224 KB) 

Bolt 1.6 Final.jar
Bolt 1.5 Final.jar 
******************Other Browsers**********************

Baidu Mobile 1.09.18 Beta 2 English: Baidu mobile is a new internet browser for java from Baidu.
Download Here:  Baidu Mobile 1.09.18 Beta 2 Eng.jar (364 KB)

MJetz v1.43: Its MJetz v1.43 is a mobile browser with its unique style of UI for browsing.
Download Here:  MJetz 1.43.jar (97 KB)

iWidsets Beta 2.0.0 : Its a new browser with very new features like fast speed, saving the use of flow, be free to visit www or wap sites.
Download Here:  iWidsets Beta 2.0.0.jar (191 KB)
HangHai 3.5.5 : You can try this net browser. Its new but have some advanced features. Multi tab browsing, download manager, and more.
Download Here: HangHai 3.5.5 
 (320 KB)

Gorilla 3.4.1 : Gorilla also known as Star mobile phone browser is a powerful and comprehensive mobile browser.
Download Here: Gorilla 3.4.1 
(264 KB)
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MiniCommander 4.2 : Its a advanced file manager for mobiles. It enable you to zip and unzip file in mobile. You can add or extract any file to zip achieves. You can cut, copy and paste file, edit text files. Its two way pane make easy to navigate files.
Download Here: MiniCommander 4.2.jar (234 KB)
Download Here: MiniCommander 4.1  (231 KB)

Blue Ftp 1.41 Full: Blue ftp is a very useful java app for sharing your files with other blutooth device. You can make a pair and simply browse all file of other device and can copy paste.  

Download Here: BlueFTP 1.41 Full.jar (610 KB) 
Download Here: Blue Ftp 1.35  

******************Java File Managers **********************

Centurion 7.1: Centurion 7.1 is a excellent free java file manager with limited feature of download manager. It also features like image editor, audio/video player, etc. Full Details Here
Download Here: Centurion 7.1.jar (292 KB)  

Mini Commander 4.2 : MiniCommander 4.2 is a excellent and free File Manager for Java mobile phones. The latest version 4.2 is more stable and contains many bug fix and new features. Mini Commander features like full control on managing files, cut, copy, paste, delete, change or view attributes, image viewer, jar file viewer, nokia theme NTH viewer, zip and unzip support, audio and video playback support, text viewer and editor, bookmarks, bluetooth file transfer support and lots of advanced features. Full Details Here
Download Here: MiniCommander 4.2.jar (234 KB)  MiniCommander 4.2.jad .

 ******************Other Applications**********************
PHP Editor 0.6: PHP Editor 0.6 is a PHP editor for java mobiles.
Download Here: PHP Editor 0.6.jar (34 KB)  

Html Editor2: PHP Editor 0.6 is a PHP editor for java mobiles.
Download Here: Html Editor2.jar (89 KB) 

Html Editor2: Html Editor 0.6 is a html editor for java mobiles.
Download Here: Html Editor2.jar (89 KB) 
 Mini Tube 1.4.7: Mini Tube 1.4.7 for play Youtube videos on your java supported mobile..
Download Here: Mini Tube 1.4.7.jar (351 KB) 


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