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Ritesh Warke On Thursday, October 18, 2012
If you watch TV or browse through internet frequently then you may have definitely came across an online classified site OLX.in which is one of the best market place for purchasing and selling almost everything online without any hidden charges.
OLX is a gem place where you can find any new as well as old thing at really cheap prices. These days OLX TV campaign is flashing on almost all of the channels on Television by means of some very funny advertisements.

It was first initiated in 2006 in Argentina and now it is one of the largest market place for classified advertisements all over the globe. OlX has a presence over 96 countries, six continents and in 40 different languages.  Later on, in 2011 OLX launched their TV campaigns to attract traffic and create brand awareness. The name of ad campaign is “Where Buyers Meet Sellers” which uses some really funny and short advertisements to attract customers.

OLX is a largest place for free online classifieds  which provides a very simple, reliable and fastest way to buy and sell new as well as old things by placing an advertisement on their website.

Why OLX is a best of breed market place to buy and sell goods

·        OLX provides you a user friendly interface that allows you to create and design rich colorful advertisements using pictures and videos.
·        It gives you full control over your buying, selling and community activity on My OLX page.
·        OLX website is mobile friendly, thus you can easily access it from your mobile and can keep your eyes on your campaigns.
·        It allows you to flash your OLX ads on your social networking profiles such as facebook and twitter.
·        OLX is available in more than 40 languages.
·        Its 100% free, you don’t have to pay any hidden charges to advertise your products on OLX website.
·        It allows you to search what you are looking for efficiently through various categories.
·        You can sell and buy almost anything, whether it is new or old.

OLX TV campaigns have really given a boost to the popularity of this program in India. OLX is now going to start their TV campaigns in other countries as well.
Here is one of my favorite TV commercial, have a look.


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