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Ritesh Warke On Monday, April 25, 2011

Even without load or after hitting the fair usage limit, you're still able to send PINGs and perform DNS lookups. If you own a server (or have a friend who runs their computer 24/7) then you can install a PING or DNS tunnel on that computer and route your traffic through it. These tunnels disguise your traffic as regular PINGs or DNS lookups, which are allowed to pass through the network unhindered by Globe.

I downloaded Hans PING tunnel and installed the server component on my dedicated server which is hosted in the US. When I want to surf through Globe Tattoo, without load, I simply connect the modem as usual and then run the Hans client in a terminal window. All my traffic is then routed through my remote server by PINGs. This may sound like a wild idea but I was able to surf at full speed, stream Youtube videos and download files at 150-200Kb/sec

Pros and cons

  • Allows you to have a full surfing experience without any load or after you've hit the 800MB fair usage limit

  • Requires you to have a dedicated server or a friend who has a computer connected to the internet 24/7 (or at least at the time you want to surf).


Although this method is a little more technical than the others, it provides the best surfing experience. You can funnel your traffic through the tunnel and surf in a completely normal way.


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