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Ritesh Warke On Monday, April 25, 2011
Seven close relatives of a girl, including her parents, were arrested on Friday in a remote village of Chhattisgarh after
they chopped off her nose to punish her for eloping with and marrying a village boy, police said.

The arrests were made from Rahmankapa
village in the state's
Kawardha district, some 280 km from Raipur. Police said family members of 19-year- old Nanki Bai were highly upset after she eloped on April 19 with village boy Narendra, 19. The boy and the girl returned on April 20 after getting married at a temple in Raipur. "After returning to the village, the girl was living with her husband's family,"

Sushil Malik, head of Pandariya police station that covers Rahmankapa village, told IANS over phone. "The girl's
parents and five other close
relatives stormed into her in- laws' house and dragged her into a room and chopped off her nose to punish her for
love marriage," he added.

Malik added that the girl's
family chose to attack her
when most of her in-laws were not home. Later,
the girl registered a police
complaint and finally her
parents and five other
relatives, including three
women, were arrested for house-trespass, criminal
intimidation, causing injury
by dangerous weapons and
other offences

Indo-Asian News Service 04/22/2011 Raipur


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