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Ritesh Warke On Monday, May 2, 2011

Here is a Tutorial For Unlocking E153-u2 Huwai Modem.This method is only working for unlocking E153-u2 Huwai Modem.
Huawei E153-u2 - Customized Firmware. This will just Temporarily Unlock your Modem - Kapag Dinetach nyo ang Modem ay malalock ulit sya sa Globe or to the original
Network Provider. Kapag na lock ulit then do it Again!
1.1 Upgrade your modem firmware - CLICK HERE  Base on some Feedbacks - working po xa kapag upgraded po ang firmware nyo.
It is a must po to
Upgrade your Firmware - Don't worry safe po Yan.

1. Download nyo yung attachment sa baba and install it.
Download: Sola GSM Calculator

2. Prepare your dongle - insert Smart Buddy SIM (Globe po ako kaya Smart SIM gnamit ko,pwede rin SUN)

(Note: Open your dashboard--pakaopen mo may message na something "Action Not Allowed"
click OK - Automatically the Dashboard will close)


Mike Paulo Basic said...

bat po gnun?....

Aquino, William Pierce D. said...

Temporary Lang pu sya ee .. Wala po bang Permanent Unlock ??

Jess_24infotech said...

Its only temporary bro.,

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