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Ritesh Warke On Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Opera 11 Beta has been released and available for download. Opera 11  alpha debuted with extensions support month back and Opera team worked hard on alpha, added new features, tweaked and updates extensions options and preferences and released polished Opera 11 Beta.

Opera 11 Beta released , download now
What’s new in Opera 11 Beta 
1. The new Opera installer with smaller in size having portable install option installs Opera 11 quickly.
2. Opera allows to run plug-ins on demand.
3. Opera extensions can be installed and uninstalled without need to restart of Opera browser.
4. Opera supports auto-update of extensions and extensions won’t degrade Opera performance, Opera has some plans to make sure Opera run with peak performance even with plenty of installed extensions.
5. Opera 11 Beta offers Google Search suggestions from address bar and search bar.
6.  Opera 11 Beta with safer address field hides HTTP, HTTPS and Opera before URL in the address bar,  supports visual mouse gestures and allows extensions to run on secure connections and in private browsing mode.
Read Opera 11 mimics Chrome, gets new Address field, allows extensions to run in Private Mode & on Secure Connections
Currently Opera 11 beta is distributing  to its mirrors, once distribution complete you can able to download Opera 11 Beta from Opera site.
If you can’t wait till then, below are FTP links to download Opera 11 Beta. Two builds are available from Opera FTP one is normal one, another one is auto-update build.
Opera 11 Beta build 
Opera 11 Beta Auto-update build

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