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Ritesh Warke On Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Opera Software has released updated versions of popular Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers. As announced earlier, Opera Mini 6 is available for J2ME, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian phones while the Opera Mobile 11 is available for Android, Windows 7 (tablets and other touch-enabled devices), Symbian and MeeGo. Mini 6 can be installed even on Nokia S60 v2 and poor S40 devices to enjoy super fast web
browsing. To install the latest version of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, visit m.opera.com on your mobile device or download the appropriate installer file from opera.com/download.

New Features in Opera Mini 6 & Opera Mobile 11

Key features of the updated version include optimized performance on all platforms, improved scrolling & zooming and a brand new “Share” button.

The wrench icon has been replaced by the Opera logo. A smooth scrolling button appears to quickly navigate long web pages. Pinch-to-zoom feature is also available on the devices that support pinch.

Scroll Up

Opera’s CEO, Lars Boilesen, said on this grand release, "If you’ve lost that loving feeling for the Web on your phone or tablet, don’t let it bring you down. Just try one of our browsers. The sun always shines on TV, but the Opera browser shines on more than 3000 devices.".

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