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Ritesh Warke On Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Guys RITESHROCKSS is again here with Banggggg

. . open yahoo msgngr,
in the Red Box Shown Below and Press Enter.

3.After Pressing Enter a small Window will open showing Connecting a Call to that number . Shown Below

4. Now Listen the Call And Wait Untill She Say "Free Calls" .
5. When she Says Free Calls Use Your Microphone and Say Free Calls (Don't forgot to unmute your microphone Voice in Volume Properties By Right Click on Volume Icon in your Task Bar and then click on properties and then Advanced and then unclick mute button under Microphone). 
[color=teal]6. Now Click on the Dialpad As Shown Below To dial the Number.

7. Now The Dial Pad Opens Like Below

8.Now Dial The Number In format Country code followed by friends number whom you want to call.
Example : 919457196088 where 91 is country code for India and 9457196088 is phone number.
After dialing wait 2 sec for phone call to connect . After that You can call [b]Upto 5 minutes

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