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Ritesh Warke On Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Here I demonstrate app translation using MobilHex with UCWEB as Demo app. This tut is based on old version. Latest version is v0.9.9.

First of all, all credits to Fann95 for this great app.
> Install and open MobilHex 0.9.9
Change Language: view blog
The app would be in Russian by default. To change to english, use
> Menu> Language> Input 'en'> Restart application. 
If you are going to translate apps from foreign language to english, 
you need to make a small change:
Go to
> Menu > RSC Options
> Clear the letters '12' and leave the field empty
> Press OK
> Restart MobilHex

Now go to
> Menu> Open File
> Browse and open ucweb60.rsc file to be translated

(Note: I recommend you to use a separate/permanent folder for .rsc files. The v0.9.6 auto saves path at exit and crashes while opeing file browser if you happen to delete the previously used folder[Update: This issue has been fixed in v0.9.7] Besides its a good practice to use duplicate .rsc files for translation)
After opening .rsc file, you'd get a hex editor screen. 
> Now Press 5 and wait a moment.
You'd get a screen with resources and their IDs.

(Note:MobilHex can display any character (chinese, russian etc) on the resource main screen even if your phone doesnt support the languages.This feature could be used for reference purpose)
> Press 2 and wait a while. You'll get the prompt that the resources 
have been saved to c:

> Copy the contents of the file and paste it in the Google translate 
> Get the translation result and save it in a file say 'ucweb-
> Make the necessary corrections in Goolge translated resource file. 
> Open the file on the phone with Xplore/DEdit or your preferred text viewer 

> Switch back to the resource main screen on MobilHex.
> Start changing the strings.

(Note: Never touch the elements in blue color. They are compressed 
resources. Fiddling with them may result in undesired results :Q[Update: This issue is fixed in MobilHex v0.9.6. Now its possible to edit blue strings. Thanks to Fann95's incredible work  .]. Mobilhex overcomes string length limitation in most cases. But try to keep the string length as small as possible)
> Good luck with your translation 
Download(latest versions)


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