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Ritesh Warke On Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yes you can now password protect your Google Chrome Browser....
Just read bellow to know how

Simple Startup Password is an addon for Google Chrome 
browser that blocks unauthorized people from using your browser. 
Just go to the extensions gallery of Google Chrome and install the 
Simple Startup Password add-on for your browser.

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After installing the add-on go to Settings -> Tools ->Extensions.
There look for Simple Startup Password and click on Options. 
Set a password for your browser and done. Now every time you start your Google Chrome 
browser it will ask you for the password and if you fail to give the correct 
password your browser will be closed.

You can get this add on from Google Chrome’s extensions gallery.

In case you forget your password there is no option to recover it. 
You will have to reinstall the browser.

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