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Ritesh Warke On Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here's a different
looking smartphone from LG.
There's no source for the
name of this device yet, but it
definitely looks a lot different
from most smartphones that
you see. This handset has two
screens, one being the main
capacitive touchscreen and
another smaller touchscreen
conveniently placed between
the QWERTY keypad that
slides out. The mysterious LG
Smartphone that Flips?!?
From what can be seen
through the pictures provided
by Pocket-Lint, this
smartphone certainly runs on
Android (FroYo possibly), but
there's not much about the
specifications of the handset.
However, this might be
heading to T-Mobile and the
sources spotted this
mysterious device at a Kineto
Wireless event in London. They
inquired about some details
but only got a name, Flip II. The
even more mysterious screen
in the middle of the QWERTY
keyboard Coming back to the
device, the main touchscreen
is capacitive, but the
resolution is not known
although it's being said that it
might have a WVGA screen.
The QWERTY keypad slides out
and there's another
touchscreen in the middle of
it. As you can see, it has eight
shortcuts that include two
customizable ones. Runs
Android for sure Quite
obviously, there's no
information on anything
pertaining to the smartphone.
No launch details or pricing,
but we'll keep our eyes peeled
open for this one.

And Here Is Pic Of The year 4 You..............

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