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Ritesh Warke On Tuesday, May 3, 2011
World's first electronic eyeglasses, called emPower, that will make tedious bifocals history!

LONDON: If you are one of the many who rely on bifocal lenses, you may soon get a new view of life this summer. US-based company is planning to roll out the world¡¯s first electronic eyeglasses, called emPower,that will make tedious bifocals history.The company has developed electronic spectacles that promise to allow bifocal wearers to switch between different prescription settings for reading and more distant viewing.The lenses contain a thin layer of liquid crystal that changes its alignment when prompted, thereby changing the strength of focus.All the emPower wearer needs to do is tilt his head downward or manually touch the frame and the reading prescription is activated ¨C and vice versa.The glasses were unveiled last month during the International Vision Expo East in New York and are set for a US release this summer.Each eight-hour battery charge allows for two-to-three days of switching between focus settings.

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