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Ritesh Warke On Saturday, April 9, 2011
am going to explain what is a cgi proxy...how to use it and how to find ur own working cgi proxy

many peoples do not have info about cgi...that is y am forced to post it here...

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ok lets start...

read it carefully

CGI Proxy

CGI Proxy is a free script that is on many web pages and is a HTTP or FTP proxy. using this cgi proxy,you can access any website that the server running it can. For example,some gprs providers may block external sites except some free browsing sites with their firewall,but by using CGI Proxy you can get around this blockage.
As well as providing a method to access blocked web pages, CGI proxies can provide some kind of anonymity...

When an HTML resource is retrieved, it's modified so that all links in it point back through the same proxy, including images, form submissions, and everything else.

u can find the cgi proxies here

ff members already got some cgi prxies using clearlydrunk,concealme,etc

Finding a site that allows you access to this script, is quite simple
As the filename of the script is normally nph-proxy.pl or nph-proxy.cgi, we can use Google to look for sites with pages matching this filename:

® Search for nph-proxy on Google

® or nph-proxy.pl on Google

® or nph-proxy.cgi on Google

Another way of finding sites that allows you access to this script, is to search for the phrase "start using cgiproxy"

® Search for Start using CGIproxy on Google

® or Start using CGIproxy in the page title on Google

® or "Start using CGIproxy" on Google

if u find a website that capable of running cgi trick...then find the ip of that website and modd it with opera or any other application... 


if u find any fastest cgi trick using above tut...then post it here...a price is waiting for a gud cgi...joke 


This is the widely used tricks today.

E.g. http://flyproxy.com.ph.riteshrockss.blogspot.com

B.) @ trick
E.g. http://flyproxy.com.ph@riteshrockss.blogspot.com

E.g. http://flyproxy.com.ph.t9space.com/power/s/http/riteshrockss.blogspot.com

D.) PHP PROXY - Add a proxy on the Phone Settings for this to work
E.g. http://flyproxy.com.ph/surf.php

E.) GLYPE PROXY - Similar to Phproxy
E.g. http://flyproxy.com.ph/

F.) SPACE TRICK - Adding a space on the end
E.g. http://flyproxy.com.ph(space)

G.) 2wap Emulator - Add a proxy on the Phone Settings for this to work
E.g. http://flyproxy.com.ph/p.php?q=riteshrockss.blogspot.com

H.) REVERSE IP - This one works on OperaMini, by making the server of OperaMini as a Proxy

I.) Phonifier - Add a proxy on the Phone Settings for this to work
E.g. http://m.ibibo.com/x.php?l=1&u=riteshrockss.blogspot.com
NB: THIS Examples r only exaples 


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