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Ritesh Warke On Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Yes,Now you can tag your facebook friends in your status,from your mobile.
Just follow the instuctions bellow,
1. Goto your friend's profile. And get his profile id....

2. Here's one way how to get profile id of your friend.. Goto his profile and click on message option.. Now see the url of the page.. If you're Using opera mini Labs version, press 1 and click on view url to see the url of the page.

3. For Example this is my friend's link

for bolt or other operamini click menu then enter url and you'll find the url of current page..

3. Now the id is this 1492061214 obtained from above example... Different profiles have different ids.. You just have to copy it.

4. And Copy the name also exactly as it is.

5. Then go to your status and after writin anything, type this
@[profileID:2048:person name on profile]

i dont like @[1492061214:2048:yash Agarwal]

and post your status.. Thats it.. Enjoy tagging..
NOTE: don't get confused with The number 2048..its nothing. Just write it.. 


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