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Ritesh Warke On Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What is OverPlay? 
By rerouting your internet connection through our worldwide VPN servers you can:
  • Change your IP address to one in another country
  • Improve your security by ensuring your internet traffic is encrypted
  • Access content that is normally restricted at your location
Just choose a location in our easy to install software and then browse as normal!

Is it easy?

Indeed it is. We provide our own software for Windows and Mac OS X to make using a VPN super easy. If you do not want to install anything that is fine too - setting up a connection on most operating systems is a fairly simple procedure. Want to see a demonstration of just how easy it is? Visit our setup page and have a look at the video guides!

Is it expensive?

You'll find OverPlay's pricing is extremely competitive. The best thing of all is that the single monthly price gives you access to our server locations in all 31 countries. Switch between them as much as you like!
Additionally we also provide free access to a lower bandwidth US server at no cost. This is useful for testing out our technology and software to see if it's suitable for you.

Of course you do! Simply sign up and we'll get you started!


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