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Ritesh Warke On Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This IP were inherent to the ISP (globe/smart) and thus called ‘magic’ because they can be use for free/unlimited browsing technique (FBT/UBT) even without any third party application. Just put them in your browser’s setting and they will work. They are also working even the ISP is on maintenance.

This magic IP’s works best on wapsites that’s why they are very common in mobile fbt/ubt such as cell phone. However, they have average speed and differ on every location. Some desktop view websites such as Facebook, Yahoo E-mails.etc that uses Https connection are harder to enter, sometimes inaccessible at all. Not working on any 3rd party application such as YM,Skype,Cproxy,Ultrasurf etc.

Instructions: (Setting-up your browsers)

---------------------Google Chrome------------------------

After that, connect your dashboard using default profile (globe prepaid, smartbro).

More working proxies here >  More Proxies

For Facebook, follow this instruction. (Also works with magic IP plus proxifier)

                                           Log-in your account

                          While log-in, navigate to touch.facebook.com

Scroll to the bottom of the page then click ‘Full site’.

For Facebook chat and e-mails, download and open this bookmark using your default browser where magic IP is set. (Use winrar or any other apps to extract the file)


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