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Ritesh Warke On Tuesday, April 19, 2011
steps 1- make a new bookmark name it wateva you like, put in the address bar
java script:startDownload()

note: there's no space between java n script... I have written so coz it was not appearing 
and save bookmark.
2- go to 4shared and search for da file you want to download and then goto da download page
3- nw we knw da counter stops and download link wont appear.. Jus go to the bookmark you saved in (step 1). it will make the counter go down few seconds.
4- you will have to load bookmark few times so counter gets to 0 then download link wil
5- press on download file and enjoy.

Note: its good for only small files and when the time is small.. but it may work with bigger files also but you have to load bookmark alot of times.


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