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Ritesh Warke On Friday, April 29, 2011
Hi guys,
Now get a custom domain co.vu for free.
launched service co.vu provides free domain
names of the form name.co.vu
Although a lot of other alternatives to a free
service like this exist the differentiating factor of
co.vu is that it makes it dead simple for users to
configure their registered domain to point to their
posterous or tumblr.
It has a simple yet detailed
tutorial on its site to configure your registered
domain name.
One more advantage to sites like these which let
you configure your own domain names of the
form something is that you dont have
to reveal details like your phone numbers and
addresses. So if you are a privacy freak
then here is one more good reason for you to
opt for domain names like these.
Currently the service isnt open toall but
you can use the invitation code HN over
to get
your own co.vu domain. It allows only one
domain per account and the domain name has to
be greater than three letters.
Right now co.vu supports settingup posterous ,
tumblr , Amazon AWS directly ( wordpress.com
support is coming soon). It is facing some issues
with blogger sites which the developer has
promised to resolve. The site will add support for
bit.ly pro which will allow users to set up their
custom URL shorten. In case you like the service
a lot, in the future you can even pay for a second
domain name under the same account, although
we doubt anyone would prefer this over opening
a new account and registering the second
So head over to the site and reserve your domain
name before someone else grabs it!

Sorry guys,i know this post is not in systematic manner,but today am posting from mobile.
If you get any problem,feel free to comment here.


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