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Ritesh Warke On Friday, April 1, 2011
If you are using dual boot systems or laptops this tool is very useful tool for you. If you want to access your linux data from windows in one click. This can be used on windows based dual boot systems like windows and debian, ubuntu, gentoo, redhat..etc
Different Features of Explore2fs are:
Reads ext2
Reads ext3
Drag & Drop

1.44Meg Floppy Disk Support
LS120 Floppy Disk Support
ZIP & Jazz Disk Support
USB & CF Disk Support
CDROM Support
Supports Windows 98 extended partition scheme
Export files as binary
Export files as text
Export directory
View/Execute file
Large disk support
Large file support
ReiserFS Detection
Unicode UTF8 support
Preserve time stamps on export
First you need to download Explore2fs latest version from-http://www.chrysocome.net/explore2fs
Now to see the linux partitions you need to double click on penguin icon. I have downloded this to my laptop which has windows xp and ubuntu linux installed and you should see in the following screen my ubuntu linux partitons hda3,hda4.

 If you want to see /etc files in my ubuntu linux partiton you can access like windows explorer and you can see the list of files in the following screen

Personally, if I still used Windows I would use EXT2 IFS, since this allows you to mount your Linux filesystem as a real Windows drive (including the capability to write to it, although readonly is an option too), complete with a drive letter and the ability to access it from ANY Windows program

This Post is written by: Ritesh R. Warke GPRS Expert & Webmaster. Ritesh R. Warke is a professional Ethical hacker, web designer and front end web developer.


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