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Ritesh Warke On Thursday, March 24, 2011
I am going to explain the tutorial which will be helpful for those who faces problem when they want to play a game on mobile but it is not fully visible due to higher resolution.
So by this trick u can easily change the resolution of a game.

Tutorial :

1. Using an archiver such as WinRAR , open the jar file.

2. Once you have opened the jar, you will see a foldercalled 'META-INF'. Open this folder.

3. In the META-INF folder there will be one file called 'MANIFEST.MF'. Drag this file onto your desktop and openit in notepad.

4. Now you must know 2 things to edit the file. First, you must know the original resolution of the game. Ususally this information canbe found on the author's website. Second, you must know the resolution of your screen. Then type the following two lines at the end of the text in the MANIFEST.MF file:

Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: www,xxx
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: yyy,zzz
In the example above 'www,xxx' represents the original resolution of the game. 'yyy,zzz' represents the resolution of your phone's display.

5. Now save the changes in the MANIFEST.MF file and drag it back into the META-INF folder in your jar file to overwrite the old one.

6. That's it! Now install the jar to your phone and enjoy your full screen game...

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