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Ritesh Warke On Wednesday, March 23, 2011

These days Facebook is getting more crazier on its terms and Conditions leading to suspension and termination of many Facebook accounts on a small mistake too.
It can be confirmed that Facebook is in the process of making the users profile more than just the virtual stuffs into real one. It means if the profile is on your name then it definitely represents you then you are completely responsible for the things that happens through your profile.

Why should I download?

First you make a Facebook account, spent most of your hours of the day there, Update status, photos, videos, add friends and make lots of interactions and one day become the victim of Facebook terms and conditions violation and gets your account terminated. Once your account is terminated you lost everything.
So Facebook has currently brought a new feature that allows you to completely download your entire Facebook history so that If you lost your profile later then yo wont lost anything important inside it. This new feature is called the data downloader.
Data downloader will download al your information from your Facebook account including your Status, photos, videos, events and more. So here is the complete tutorial on how to download your complete history on Facebook with the new Facebook data downloader.

Downloading Tutorial

Once you Login into your Facebook account goto “Account Settings” page from the “Account” drop-down menu. Its on the top right corner of Facebook home page.  Now click “Learn more” on the Download your Information at the bottom of the page.
learn more A complete guide on downloading your entire Facebook historyOn the next page you will see a download button at the button with some information about the download pack and also with the security tips. click the “Download” button.
download information A complete guide on downloading your entire Facebook historyNow on the Popup window click “Download” again to request your entire Facebook history download file.
download2 A complete guide on downloading your entire Facebook history
Now leave everything to Facebook, It will gather all your information including your Status, photos, videos, etc and will email you shortly compiling all the information in a .zip pack. It may take time according the size of your profile.

pedning A complete guide on downloading your entire Facebook historyThe Email Inbox

Once the Facebook is done collecting all your information It will send you an Email with the download link. Now click the link inside the email to go to the download page.
download ready A complete guide on downloading your entire Facebook historyOnce you click the link you will be taken to the next page in new window where you have to enter your Faebook password to proceed to next step.
enter password 600x332 A complete guide on downloading your entire Facebook historyEnter your password and proceed to the next most important page. It contains a download button with the information about th size of the file. Click the “Download” button and wait for the download to get completed. It may take te time according to your internet connection.
main download 600x252 A complete guide on downloading your entire Facebook history
Once the download is completed extract the zip file into your computer. The folders inside is separated for Photos, videos, html as well as the readme file and the main Index.php file from where you can browse all the files in Offline mode.
zipfile A complete guide on downloading your entire Facebook historyYour all information are preserved inside the folder in such a good way like in Facebook’s website. It will contain different pages for profile, wall, photos, messages and more that makes the browsing even more easier. Since it is your personal profile backup folder so its recommended fort you to keep it safe

This Post is written by: Ritesh R. Warke GPRS Expert & Webmaster. Ritesh R. Warke is a professional Ethical hacker, web designer and front end web developer.


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