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Ritesh Warke On Thursday, March 10, 2011
Hi friends here is the application by which you can combine many jar files into one jar file i mean you can make all in one application with out any efforts with your own name and information, and other application is to get rid of mosquitos works like allout its an china application i converted into english so dont wait maximize your mobile with cool features:
::Combine Jar Files Into One(Multi application maker)::
Steps to be followed: first install Multimidlet application
1. Just rename apps from *.jar to *.zip
2. Open your MultiMidlet

3. Browse and locate your jar/zip that will be merged
4. Highlight your jar/zip, choose: Options> Added to List (for adding a file to list one by one). Or Options> Add All (for adding all files in current folder to list)
5. Press: View List, to see list of added file
6. Choose: Options> Select All, to select all files will be merged from list or u can select one by one using your "center-joystick"
7. Start merge selected files using: Options> Start Merge. Customize its icon name, saving location, app name etc. Start merge files and wait till process finished.
8. To check if it has an error/ no while in building process, choose: Options> View Results
9. Close MultiMidlet. Locate your builded multi-app, install n enjoy your new multi-app

:::Anti Mosquito Squad:::
>>just open application and select start,here two options there just select NOW for instant start
>>and click start you can change increase sound etc and see the magic..
>>you can find tips to avoid mosquitos
>>you can find answers to your queries
a)common friends its just application no sideeffects the logic behind this is creating sound which will irritate the mosquitos thats it..

MultiMidlet_english+Anti_mosquito_squad(zip): Download here | Link1

enjoy your day.........

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