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Ritesh Warke On Thursday, March 24, 2011
Eto, nag try ako for 30 or more attempts that meet this conditions(parang programming lang) 95% ng attempts ay successful. Try nyu na lang kung working senyo.

1. Connect, disconnect and reconnect(and so on) until you meet the event in number 2.

2. Open your command prompt(DOS) then type "ipconfig /all". If your Wan/PPP adapter (globe prepaid

connection) has an ip address range of "10.31.xxx.xxx" then you have a high chance of connecting successfully(i knew its already repost, credits to other discoverer)

3. If you didn't get that ip address range i.e. "10.115.xxx.xxx" then reconnect nyo ulit ung globe tattoo nyo.

4. Once you get it, then type in command prompt , "cls" (kung gusto nyo maclear ung cmd) or simply go to run and importantly, type "ping globe.com.ph -t" without quotes (credit to discoverer of this trick) then look for "TTL"

5. TTL values (Total time to live) should be in the range of "111", "112" and above. (credit to discoverer of this trick) if you let it run, it will stay in that value no matter how long u let it run.

6. You "MUST" meet the address range of "10.31.xxx.xxx" and the value of TTL = 112 above in order to reach #7.

7. Open your browser and try to connect to any sites.

Kung gusto nyo ng convenience, i type nyo na lang sa run command ung "ping globe.com.ph -t". Then kung gusto mo mag check TTL, then open mu lang ulit ung run command at makikita mo na dun ung "ping globe.com.ph -t" then hit "ok"

Need your feedbacks and other suggestions and comments para malaman naten kung working to para sa lahat. YUn lang

This Post is written by: Ritesh R. Warke GPRS Expert & Webmaster. Ritesh R. Warke is a professional Ethical hacker, web designer and front end web developer.


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