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Ritesh Warke On Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apart from Social Networking, Facebook is also known for its different & cool applications. Facebook has huge list ofapplications ranging from Love, Friendship, & all weird subjects. Today, there is one more application added in Facebook’s list. It is known as Breakup Notifier, it will send an email when the love of your life that’s in a relationship with someone else breaks up.
This wonderful app is designed by Dan Loewenherz, it allows users to sign up through their email id & informing friends about their relationship status. It keeps on changing as per as your wall post or a new relationship. Certainly it will help in finding whether whom you’re connected is free or not?

“I built a web app that alerts you when people you’re interested in break up on Facebook. Typical Saturday night fun,” the Daily Mail quoted Loewenherz as saying. He also built in some ’safety’ features — for instance, if someone’s relationship status turns “married”, the application warns them that it is perhaps advisable not to use the service. (Mail Reports)
This is perfectly an “Alarming” application for those who’re still having a desire after finding special someone. By means of this app, they no longer need to check the person’s status daily. Therefore it offers a great opportunity for you to play the rebound woman.… Hard & Soft Deal for You. Hard if you’re get noticed & Soft if you’re not ! The best part is about notification system, it helps you to get updates on real-time basis. Do check out the App & Share your experiences with us too


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