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Ritesh Warke On Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Every time you wish to know about a product, order something or buy a holiday package, what do you do? Most probably, you would access your favorite search engine, type-in the keyword relating to your search and then access the websites that show up first on top in the search results page. What if you own a website and it doesn’t show up on the first page of any search engine results? You lose so many potential visitors and possible customers just because your website doesn’t show up in the search engine, not on the first page at least! This is where SEO (Search engine optimization) comes to the rescue.

SEO-The savior

For starters, SEO (Search engine optimization or Search engine optimizer) helps in optimization of the website’s contents, so that it is displayed in the top results of popular search engines. Search engines rank websites based on their quality and popularity. To take up top rankings in search engine results, it is imperative to focus on social media marketing.

Importance of social media marketing in SEO

While indexing websites, Search engines focus on sites that have more social interaction going on- in the form ofblogs and forums. The frequency of blog updates, website content and interaction among site visitors and customers is an important determinant of the website quality and influences the website ranking in the search engine index.

An effective way of utilizing social media marketing for SEO is to include buttons like ‘share this’, ‘like’, ‘buzz this’, and ‘bookmark this page’. This helps in increasing the site’s visibility. Social media also enables sharing and backtracking of links that lead to the website from Twitter and other popular sites. All corresponding forums, blogsand tweets will create links to the website, generating more traffic which in turn leads to better search engine rankings. They also lead to increase in keywords used for the site which again leads to SEO.

The tie-up of SEO and social marketing

All websites are vying to turn visitors into customers. At such a time, search engine optimization is widely invested in. Rankings in search engines lead more traffic to the website, which translates to better returns on investments. It is apparent that search engine optimization is impossible without effective social media marketing, though this is a hot topic of debate in the digital world. Searches and social media are complementary to one another. Each boosts the other.

When there are more discussions about a website or its products, it gets top rankings in searches, which then leads to more people coming across it from a search engine, bringing in more bloggers and more discussions! This raises people’s awareness of a product or website, thereby inducing more searches relating to it. This is a testimonial on the interconnection of SEO and social media.


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