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Ritesh Warke On Friday, February 11, 2011

In a blog post, Microsoft announced several updates including personalized search results, to its fast growing search engine ‘Bing’. With the tech giant able to track the user’s location, search results would be displayed location-wise. In an example, the company forwarded that users would need to type in just “Pizza” instead of “Pizza in Seattle” as Bing return results location-based automatically.
Apart from that, Bing would now be able to record your previous searches while maintaining a history which would push to the top, the results which it believes you are searching for.Microsoft presented some great examples in order to make users understand of what the search engine is now capable of.
Bing Search Results
Microsoft Blog Post read:
As 76 percent of people use search engines to plan trips, events or social gatherings, Bing Local has always provided you with maps to nearby business listings, authoritative reviews and areas of interest. Starting today, we’re going a step further with new improvements that take into account where you are and serve locally relevant information directly in the body of the results page.
With the search engine able to recognize a user’s location, all of which you need to do is type in “things to do”, which will display results according to your current location.
Bing Location Based Search
Another example which Microsoft displayed was if a users searches for “ACS”, with results displaying the American Cancer Society, American Chemical Society and much more. If you have clicked American Chemical Society, the next time you search for “ACS”, Bing will display the American Chemical Society on top, when you search next.
Bing History Search


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