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Ritesh Warke On Sunday, January 9, 2011
There is one account in the windows which have powers similar to administrator and sometimes even more !!

Its not listed in the user accounts ... but u can see the particular account in the file permissions window and also in task 

manager .. u can see various process running under system account .. 

use of system account .... u can use system account to kill various process started by system .. some malwares run as
system privillage .. so u can use this account to stop the malware too...

Local privillage escalation is another use... 

How to take system account:-

in command prompt type 

at hh:mm /interactive “cmd.exe”

for eg -- at 11:45 /interactive cmd.exe

so wot it is doing is that it will schedule a command prompt at 11:45

This command prompt will be having the privileges of system account

u can check this by taking task manager and checking the owner of the new cmd process..

Now you can use this command prompt with the system privileges

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