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Ritesh Warke On Saturday, January 15, 2011
hey guys you can Track Your Stolen Mobile Through IMEI Number there is a few option available which assistance you to get back your handset If Some one stole your cell phone or you loss your cell phone All handset have unique IMEI Number, no 2 handset have same number so it is totally unique , to find your IMEI number just dial from your mobile *#06# with this you will get IMEI Number and also info about your mobile and maker of the handset and manufacture place ,etc If some one stole your handset then Follow given step which will assistance you to get your cell phone back 
* 1st submit your FIR if your cell phone lost or stolen 
* Then submit your FIR to your Mobile network provider 
* Then ask your Mobile network provider to trace your Mobile number 
* If your cell phone is switched on and it has another Simcard then also it will trace easily 

* If your simcard isn’ t activated then also your cell phone can trace * You can ask your Mobile network provider to Block your IMEI number (Mobile network providers use a shared hosting service for blocking IMEI numbers, which means if you have asked network ‘ Idea’ to block your mobile IMEI No. , it automatically gets blocked by Other network ‘ Reliance’ , ‘ VodaFone’ , ‘ Airtel’ etc.) * your network provider get that sim number which is used for you IMEI number. 


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