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Ritesh Warke On Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Google Adsense is literally a treasure trove of opportunity for anyone looking to make money working from home. Don’t immediately discount “work from home” as a bullshit category. Making Adsense work for you is going to get harder and harder. Stay ahead of the game.
I was reading a New Yorker article about a media empire that started as a “work from home” operation, and today, 6 years later, the Gawker Media empire has more than 100 employees.
In the early days of Gawker, Deadspin (who just broke the Brett Farve Penisgate scandal), Gizmodo, etc. They relied on making money from Adsense.
The great thing about Adsense is you don’t need to be established, have tons of industry contacts or no a thing about how to sell advertising.
All you have to do is have a website with readers. So here is our first volume of Adsense tips guaranteed to turn your pet project into an income generating machine that helps you to keep the lights on, or allows you to travel wherever you want or just helps you buy a couple more pizzas every month.

Adsense Tips and Tricks

When researching a new site to start, you want to make sure the niche you choose to write about is going to get you the highest possible CPC (cost per click).
So how do you know what keywords/niches give you the best CPC? You can use Google’s Adwords Tool, which is free.

Pull up the keyword tool, enter in your search terms then click on the “columns” button.

Then on the columns list, just click to enable “Estimated Avg. CPC”. Now you can sort by CPC price.
To find niches with high paying CPCs, just enter in your website or my website or any keywords and start sorting.
Remember, when you look for the highest paying CPC, make sure there is enough keyword volume to make it worthwhile to start a site on a topic.
If your keyword(s) have more than 30,000 search volume query, you should be in a good market.

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