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Ritesh Warke On Sunday, January 30, 2011
Hi friends NOW You can call free to any number in india/abroad by your relianc sim. 
This trick is working at positive balance(at least 1rs)on all those area  with rcomnet as apn , 2g network and  with frequent disconnection problem. As we all know that relianc net is disconnecting frequently.
There is some problem in their server. At many time during day n night,for 25-30 min, you can not connect to internet, even their home page will not open during that period. 

just you have to find out this for your number by connecting to gprs.
if it says that gprs not available, check your connection settings, at that time call any number for free, you wil not be charged any paisa, but remember this duration is for 25-30 min only, but it happens many times during day n night. 
so enjoy free calling, waiting for your experience.


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