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Ritesh Warke On Wednesday, January 5, 2011
BSNL3G PC TRICK FOR N70 Users(or other which reboots on network change) users in pc:-
finally i have developed the trick to use bsnl3g in pc with n70.I know that by pressing 'yes' and 'no' tabs at the same time can change ur network mode from gsm to umts without rebooting only in n73...but this doesn't

happens in n70.So no need of getting upset or flashing ur phone for umts..And by this trick u can use bsnl2g sim with 3g speed(40-70 kbps).
So the trick begins:-
¤Requirements: pc suite installed on pc,n70 phone,data cable.
1.Connect ur n70 with data cable

2.Make manual setting in pc suite with apn-bsnlnet but do not connect to internet now.

3.Now in ur n70,Connect any light site like wap.google.com on ur mobile's default browser with bsnlnet apn.It will open.Now go to settings>network.Press 'manual' in operator selection..After few seconds it will show all networks in ur area.Select any operator other than bsnl, like airtel india.It will show error and ur 3g sign will be lost.

4.Now the real trick is here.Press'Connect to internet' tab in pc suite and 'bsnl3g home network' in ur n70 at the sametime.Both will connect at same time in few seconds and show double connection sign.Go to default browser in n70 and press 'reload' and ur homepage will be reloaded...1or 2 paise will be deducted. Thats all and now ur bsnl3g is hacked and u can surf and download freely in pc.For precaution take care if ur balance is not deducting.Balance should be >50 and u should be in 3g area.

It is working on all phones but there is simple gsm/umts trick for other higher sets.In n73 the 'yes' and 'no' trick for changing to gsm/umts is working without rebooting .But in n70 there is always rebooting with change of mode.If u r a n70 user then u'll surely know their problem.For getting umts and pc trick they have even flashed and made their phone dead.So dont underestimate this trick
      Note:not working in few states,try urself...............

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