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Ritesh Warke On Monday, January 31, 2011

PayPal has been an amazing medium to handle funds online. Whether it would be buying online, selling goods or service online, or any other money transaction ways, PayPal was there to serve you. Since past few months, PayPal has been a serious pain especially in Asian countries. Few months back they have actually terminated their service in Asian countries for more than a month. This makes you to look for viable alternatives for PayPal. So, we come up with a compilation of best PayPal alternatives:
Here are the 5 best alternatives to PayPal, which are very much capable of replacing your need for fully functional PayPal. There is no doubt that PayPal charges higher taxes than money other similar services and this might also be the reason that one look for its alternatives. Here they are:


2Checkout processes credit cards and checks while monitoring for fraud and ensuring data security. The site has about 50,000 active vendors and signs up 1,500 new clients every month. Many of its users have suggested this Internet based payment services as one of the top PayPal alternatives.


The only fact that haunts this PayPal altervative is its presence in less number of countries. But AlterPay is growing very fastly and the since the current situation is pushing people to look for other options and alternatives to PayPal, the services like AlertPay could get popular as they charge much lower tax.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a new PayPal alternatives relatively. But since it has the label, ‘Google’ trust is something one could easily develop on it. It is very much similar to PayPal , whether it would be features offered, user interface or other minute things, Google Checkout resembels PayPal in every sense. Right now, they are serving in US and Europe.

Money Bookers

Money Bookers might not be the household name as PayPal, but is surely a popular alternative to PayPal. Stats tell that in the January 2010, their customer base reached to 10.8 million accounts, and this reflects that it could be worth using. Its safe, fast, easy and is also authorized by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom (FSA).


The best feature offered by PayMate is that it the account holder need not  have a merchant facility with a bank. Although its services are limited to few countires only, PayMate is a worthy and one of the best alternaivtes to PayPal. It serves buyers in 57 countries around the world and sellers in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. PayMate is a secure, reliable and innovative Internet-based payment services.


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